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“Steve’s insights into how the media function and what’s going on under the surface of stories, editorials and Op-Eds have helped our team develop smarter communication strategies and better understand the nuances of coverage that affects us and our work. He also has developed a deep understanding of our key issues and our culture so he fits seamlessly into how we work, acting more as a member of the team than as just an outside consultant.” - Marco Petruzzi, CEO, Green Dot Public Schools

Steven Cahn is acutely aware of California’s political and regulatory processes, its ever-evolving media environment and the impact of public-private partnerships on policy development. Following more than a decade as a reporter, editor, and columnist in California and Washington, D.C., Cahn has worked with numerous public and private clients to develop and implement public affairs and communications strategies that leverage their strengths and resources. His expertise includes persuasion, opinion and speech writing; coalition building; social media; nonprofit management and fund development; and resource mobilization. He has specialized expertise in media relations, education policy, and early childhood issues.

His career as a journalist gave Cahn a deep and unique understanding of politics and all levels of government, as he covered topical matters including growth-control measures; development and environmental reviews; transportation and housing; and federal and state grant programs. He served as editor of three award-winning community newspapers owned by The Los Angeles Times and covered the Missouri congressional delegation for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the federal departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services for a group of trade publications. His first full-time reporting job was with the Unterrified Democrat in Linn, Missouri.

His years as a journalist also provided him the opportunity to see the inner workings of citizen groups, politicians, business leaders, and government workers as they pressed for coverage of their issues. This has given him a specialized insight into how campaigns addressing these groups should be structured, and how the media responds to various types of campaigns. He has used his knowledge and expertise to develop and lead coalitions focused on diverse sets of goals in both the public and private sectors; implement business development plans; and develop public policy strategies across a range of issues.

Since joining California Strategies, Cahn has provided media relations support and strategic communications assistance to a number of important statewide and local efforts participated in developing strategies for high-profile development projects and a varied set of public policy campaigns and has written direct mail pieces, Op-Eds, social media and briefing materials in support of clients’ projects.

Prior to joining California Strategies, he established his own media and public relations consulting practice in Orange County, where he provided grant writing, corporate communication and media relations services for his clients.

Cahn holds a bachelor’s degree from Notre Dame, a master’s degree in English from the University of Washington and a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri. While at the University of Missouri, he helped teach an introduction to journalism course and has taught composition and writing at the college level.

A native of Los Angeles, Cahn, and his wife live on the city’s Westside.

He serves on the Board of Directors of the Theodore Payne Foundation.

Public and Stakeholder Opinion Strategies
Strategic Communications and Media Relations
Message Development and Client Positioning
Collaborative Community Outreach


Federal State & Local Government
Media & Presentation Training
Public Private Partnerships
Strategic Communications
Career Highlights
Editor of three community newspapers owned by the Los Angeles Times
Reporter St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Multiple winner of California Newspaper Publisher Association awards

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