Tribal Affairs

California is home to the largest population of Native Americans in all of the United States. Archaeologists can trace back at least 12,000 years in which Native Americans have inhabited California.

According to the U. S. Department of the Interior, today’s Native American population in California constitutes over 100 tribes, each facing opportunities and challenges. California Strategies has worked with various tribal governments in the past to realize successful strategic outcomes that foster collaboration with California’s leaders, various agencies and departments.

Our exceptional understanding of cultural sensitivities, governmental operations and relationships provide the necessary insight and approaches needed to foster mutually beneficial intergovernmental relationships between the Tribes and the state of California.

California Strategies has extensive experience in the following Native American related areas:

  • Tribal-State Relations
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Land Use
  • Legislative and Executive Branch Relations
  • California Gambling Control Commission Relations
  • Attorney General’s Bureau of Gambling Control Relations

California Strategies' Tribal Affairs Experts

John Benton
John Benton
Devon Ford
Devon Ford
Senior Associate