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Bradshaw’s extensive experience with a myriad of industries in the public and private sectors helps provide unrivaled solutions for California Strategies’ clients.

Bradshaw focuses primarily on employment relations and economic development opportunities. Clients benefit from her services as she has expertise dealing with every area of employment, including such issues as labor law and enforcement, benefit administration including workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. With regards to economic development, Bradshaw works to expand growth opportunities for clients in California’s challenging business environment by helping them navigate California’s extensive regulatory red tape, assisting clients to leverage business and industry benefits for competitive advantage and to work towards creating effective public-private-partnerships. There is no one in California who has the breadth of state government employment, benefit, workforce development and economic development experience as Bradshaw.

Bradshaw served as Cabinet Secretary and Deputy Chief of Staff under both Governor Pete Wilson and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. These two experiences have given her a unique opportunity to work with all agencies, departments, boards and commissions under the Executive Branch of state government in both the development and implementation of policy in these areas, as well as in the administration and management of these functions.

As Secretary of the Labor and Workforce Development Agency, Bradshaw oversaw an annual budget of $27 billion and 14,000 employees which impacted all 1.4 million employers doing business in the state, along with most of California’s 16 million employees. In this position she had management, policy and budgetary control over all of the areas under the Labor and Workforce Development Agency.

Bradshaw has served as the California State Labor Commissioner, Director of the Employment Development Department (EDD), Board Member of the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board, Executive Director of the Employment Training Panel (ETP) under Governors Wilson and Davis, Chair of the Economic Strategy Council, Chair of the California Workforce Investment Board, Board Member of the California Association for Local Economic Development, and Chair of the Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley. Bradshaw served as a Board Member on the Little Hoover Commission.

Before coming to the public sector, Bradshaw served in several executive positions in the retail industry. She was the corporate Vice President of Human Resources for the BATUS Retail Group headquartered in New York City. BATUS Retail Group had more than 60,000 employees nationwide and operated 16 companies including Saks Fifth Avenue, Marshall Field & Company, Kohl’s, Breuner’s, Gimball’s and Frederick and Nelson. Prior to the merger of BATUS and Marshall Field & Company, she served as the Vice President of Human Resources of Marshall Field & Company in Chicago. She has also held executive level positions in human resources, merchandising and operations at such retail companies as Weinstock’s, the Emporium, Breuner’s and Robinson’s of Florida.

Bradshaw has a Bachelors of Arts degree in political science and history from the University of California at Davis and a Masters degree in Public Administration from the California State University at Sacramento.

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Career Highlights
Cabinet Secretary for Governors Wilson and Schwarzenegger
Secretary of the Labor Workforce Development Agency
Corporate Vice President for Human Resources for the BATUS Retail Group

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