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Los Angeles is at the center of it all – Business, International Trade, Entertainment, and yes, Politics. Boasting a dense population, the County of Los Angeles has more residents than most U.S. States.

With literally decades of experience in both the public and private sectors, California Strategies Principals in Los Angeles understand how to successfully navigate the public policy landscape – and connect the dots – for their clients.

California Strategies Principals represent the interests of public and private corporations, philanthropic organizations, leaders in the field of education, and public agencies seeking to move the needle of public opinion, create diverse coalitions, or forge consensus on complex public policy issues.

Much sought after for their unique bi-partisan approach, the Principals in Los Angeles compliment their local knowledge and relationships with a network of nine statewide offices and 28 Principals across California, making California Strategies one of the most successful public affairs and strategic consulting firms in California.

In Los Angeles, the Principals at California Strategies focus their considerable talents in the areas of strategic and corporate communications, issue management campaigns, philanthropy, media relations and a robust legislative and regulatory advocacy practice through California Strategies & Advocacy.

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