SACRAMENTO, CA – California Strategies, LLC, one of the Golden State’s preeminent public affairs and lobbying firms has tapped veteran strategist Camden McEfee and longtime legislative advocate Jim Lites to lead California Strategies successful consulting businesses. McEfee will serve as California Strategies’ Managing Partner and Lites will serve as the firm’s Vice Chair. McEfee succeeds global market and public finance expert Jim Burton, who, after seven years in the position, will return to client practice after having designed and implemented the firm’s governance structure important to the firm’s unique culture of being a partner driven public affairs firm, as well as successfully recruiting high-caliber partners in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Central Valley and Sacramento.

“We’ve been blessed with strong leadership throughout the firm’s history,” stated Bob White, California Strategies’ founding partner. “This latest transition reflects a continuation of that leadership trend, one that allows us to respect our past and build for the future.”

McEfee is one of California Strategies’ founding members, having joined the firm in 1999, and has since helped engineer the firm’s growth from its earliest beginnings to its current status as one of California’s preeminent public affairs firms. As Managing Partner, McEfee will be responsible for the governance, management and administration of all aspects of the firm’s business affairs.

As California Strategies Vice Chair, veteran legislative advocate Jim Lites brings his more than 30 years of experience in government, consulting and association management to help manage the firm’s progress. In his capacity as the firm’s Vice Chair, Lites will provide valuable management support and focus on projects of strategic interest.

“Under Camden and Jim’s leadership, California Strategies is ideally positioned for the future, both in Sacramento and in cities throughout the state,” added Jim Burton, California Strategies partner. “It was my pleasure to serve for the past seven years as managing partner. I’m honored to hand the reins to Camden and Jim.”

Camden McEfee. Prior to joining California Strategies, McEfee served as Chief Deputy Cabinet Secretary to Governor Pete Wilson, serving as the chief liaison to the state agencies and departments that comprised the executive branch of state government. His broad policy portfolio included oversight of general business issues, economic development, and major state procurement programs. A graduate from the University of Southern California (USC), he remains an active alumnus. McEfee resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two daughters.

Jim Lites. A long-time legislative advocate, Lites has experience in multiple policy arenas including transportation, public transit, tax and public pension policy, privacy, housing policy and wireless telecommunications. He also engages in the state budget and works regularly with various clients to achieve budget-related goals. Jim currently serves on the Technical Advisory Committee for the San Bernardino International Airport and previously served on the California Maritime Security Council, the California Freight Advisory Committee and the Advisory Board of Reviver Auto, a California technology start-up company. Lites also served as an elected Board member of the Arden Park Recreation and Park District from 2013-2020.

Jim began his public service in the Senate Fellowship Program in 1989, assigned to the Senate Budget Committee. He later served in the State Assembly in various positions including: Chief Consultant to the Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation, Chief of Staff to Assembly Member Marguerite Archie-Hudson and Senior Consultant for tax policy, economic development and international trade to Assembly Speaker Cruz Bustamante. Jim was a Partner in the public policy advocacy firm of Schott & Lites from 1999 to 2015.

About California Strategies:
Founded in 1997 by Bob White, California Strategies has grown to include 31 partners and 8 associates who are headquartered in every major jurisdiction throughout the state. Today the company has grown to include three sister entities: California Strategies, LLC., California Strategies & Advocacy and California Strategies Campaigns
The partners and associates of California Strategies are a politically diverse group who have held top positions in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, and are widely recognized as leaders in their fields. They include a broad array of former state legislators, senior government staff, state cabinet officials, federal officials, as well as top business and community leadership. High-level involvement in the public and private sectors and relationships built over decades translate into the expertise and trust needed to achieve success for clients. The broad range of experience and expertise throughout the firm allows for the creation of strategic teams to address even the most complex issues.

For more information about California Strategies, visit the company’s website at

Contact: Michael Bustamante



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