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Steve Larson has directed agencies at the center of California energy policy, has an insider’s knowledge of the state’s fiscal and budgetary processes, and has managed the U.S. west coast operations of an international energy company – all providing him insights valuable to California Strategies’ clients.

Steve Larson brings to California Strategies broad experience in the energy regulatory field as well as state budgetary policy and corporate matters.

Prior to joining California Strategies, Larson served as the Executive Director for the California Public Utilities Commission, which regulates all privately owned utilities in the State. This experience capped years of work in utility regulation, beginning when he served as Chief Consultant to the California Senate Public Utilities and Transit Committee. Larson also served as Executive Director of the California Energy Commission during the state energy crises of 2000-2001. As an important contributor to both of these Commissions, Larson helped develop many of the current renewable energy and energy efficiency policies of the state.

Larson’s private sector experience includes serving as President of Woodside Natural Gas of California, a subsidiary of Woodside Energy of Australia, a $40 billion energy firm that is one of the world’s largest producers of Liquefied Natural Gas.

Larson also is an expert on state fiscal processes and policy having served for 17 years as Chief Consultant to the California Senate Budget Committee, and later as Chief Deputy Director of the California Department of Finance.

Co-Chair of SupplyBank.Org, a foundation that is a “systems change” agency operating as a food bank, but for supplies. By applying the food bank model to address unmet material needs causing barriers to health, education, and employment, SupplyBank.Org treats symptoms and forges pathways out of poverty.

Trustee of the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis, the organization for professional members of the psychoanalytic community.

A Silicon Valley native, Larson now lives with his wife and two sons in San Francisco.

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Liquefied Natural Gas Strategies
Utility Policy and Regulation
State Budgetary Issues


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Career Highlights
Executive Director, California Public Utilities Commission
Executive Director, California Energy Commission
President, Woodside Natural Gas of California
Chief Deputy Director, California Department of Finance
Chief Consultant, California Senate Budget Committee
Chief Consultant, California Senate Utilities and Transit Committee

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