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California Strategies, LLC, is a full-service public affairs consulting firm dedicated to successfully navigating clients through the myriad pathways of California’s political, legislative, regulatory, and media environments. Our sister company, California Strategies & Advocacy offers state and local legislative and regulatory advocacy services that provide our clients with the necessary knowledge and insight to achieve winning results.

Established 1997

California Strategies

We know California


A full-service public strategy firm with unparalleled experience and statewide reach and depth, California Strategies and its separate lobbying company California Strategies & Advocacy helps clients navigate through the complexity and subtleties of California’s political, regulatory, legislative, and media environment to achieve winning results. Over the last 20 years, California Strategies has earned a reputation for devising successful results that benefit both clients and the public.

California Strategies LLC serves prominent and respected organizations around the state, nation, and world as they intersect with all levels of government. Clients include corporations, governmental entities, industry associations, political committees, and not-for-profits who have serious public strategy goals somewhere in California. Additionally, California Strategies and Advocacy LLC, a sister corporation, is a government relations and advocacy firm created to provide hands-on executive, legislative, and regulatory lobbying.

Based in the power centers of the state, California Strategies principals and associates are a politically diverse group who maintain strong working relationships with key decision-makers and are astute in issue development, refinement, and management at every level of government in California.

Clients benefit from their first-hand, expert knowledge of pressing public affairs issues in the areas of finance, energy, environmental regulations, green technology, infrastructure, transportation, land use, water, health care, issue management, and communications. Principals pride themselves on personal engagement with clients, and strive to keep them always “in the know.”

In the Know

Experience without equal.

California Strategies principals and associates have held top positions in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, and are widely recognized as leaders in their fields. Positions have included state legislators, senior government staff, state cabinet officials, federal officials, as well as top business and community leadership. High-level involvement in the public and private sectors and relationships built over decades translate into the expertise and trust needed to achieve success for clients.

The broad range of experience and expertise throughout the firm allows for the creation of strategic teams to address even the most complex issues.